Big Law Firms not sharing the Equity with Female Lawyers.
Women have made significant strides in the legal community. A National Association of Women Lawyers survey  of the country’s largest law firms, however, recently found that 70 percent of the businesses’ staff lawyers were female. However, women only made up 15 percent of the firms’ equity partners.
Also, according to the report, women partners are credited with smaller books of business than their male colleagues, even if their development efforts are significant. And while 50 percent of firms’ associates were women, they only received 40 percent of the bonuses.
Barbara Flom, the report’s author, told the Careerist that this year, they took a closer look at the relationship between compensation and median hours. According to her, women’s and men’s total hours were comparable, and it’s hard to decipher how firms surveyed make compensations decisions.
“There aren’t any useful correlations,” she said. “It isn’t purely based on books of business, it’s not purely based on hours…so what are firms looking at?”
According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is illegal to discriminate against a person based on gender in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that serve the general public. Gender discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms. You may be denied opportunities for employment. You may be expected to tolerate a hostile work environment in the form of unwelcome and inappropriate comments of a sexual nature. The law is clear: gender discrimination in the workplace is illegal.

If you have experienced gender discrimination in the workplace, contact an experienced Kentucky employment law firm immediately. We will listen to your situation, and help you determine your next steps to move beyond workplace discrimination and receive the compensation you deserve.
Sources: ABA Journal 2012
Kurt A. Scharfenberger