Noose hung in restaurant to intimidate worker.  Northern Star Hospitality D/B/A Sparx Restaurant: (W.D. Wisc.) filed 3/27/12 by Chicago District Office – The Commission alleges that Sparx, a Menomonie, Wis. restaurant, managers posted racist imagery and then fired an African-American employee after he complained about a picture of African-American actor Gary Coleman and a dollar bill which had been defaced such that a noose was around the neck of George Washington, whose face had been blackened, taped to a cooler in restaurant. The EEOC also alleged that, on the dollar bill, were swastikas and the image of a man in a Ku Klux Klan hood. Sparx managers told the Charging Party that they had posted the images the evening before but, when the Charging Party complained, insisted that it was “a joke.” The Charging Party was terminated within weeks of complaining about the racist imagery, for allegedly having “a bad attitude.”

Source:  EEOC