Sexual harassment in Great Britain.  Controversy at the Liberal Democrat party. Allegations have surfaced that a high profile senior member, Lord Rennard, has been accused of sexually harassing fellow female Liberal Democrat colleagues. Rennard, who denies these claims, is regarded as a highly influential person at the party, serving as chief executive for six years after stepping down in 2009 over health issues. These allegations are seen as very serious, and it now appears that the party knew about them but did nothing.

The sex abuse allegations were exposed on British television news last week, when a journalist investigated the claims of sexual harassment and met with woman who say they were inappropriately touched by Lord Rennard. The Liberal Democrats responded swiftly to the television report stating that they will launch internal investigations as to how such complaints were not dealt with. But whatever steps the party is now taking to resolve the issue; experts believe the damage is already done.

The situation is only going to get worse for the party, and its leader. Already under fire Nick Clegg seems to have backtracked on a statement he made that he was not aware of the allegations. He is now saying, however, that he was aware of non-specific allegations to sexual harassment. Experts are not buying it.

The Liberal Democrats have to now shift their attention to a by-election taking place on Thursday, where they are expected to win. But with this latest controversy hitting the headlines in the mainstream press, it could very easily lose them a seat in parliament.

Source:  Press TV