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No Cause of Action for ‘Lactation Discrimination’ after woman says she was fired for pumping breast milk.

Does being fired for requesting to pump breast milk fall under pregnancy discrimination? According to a federal Judge in Texas there is no cause of action for “lactation discrimination”. See the ABA article below: A federal judge in Texas says […]

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Ethics Complaint against Wisconsin District Attorney for sexting

This past December the ABA posted an article dealing with Legal Ethics and a DA from Wisconsin. The complaint contained text messages that were saved by the woman who complained. ABA article:   An ethics complaint seeks a six-month suspension for a […]

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Think your employer is too big to pursue a sexual harassment suit? Think again.

When you are a victim of sexual harassment at work, it’s common to believe that your boss is too powerful to make pursuing a sexual harassment case worthwhile. However, this is not the case. The law is on your side. […]

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