A Missoula police detective who investigates Internet sex crimes has filed a lawsuit against the police department alleging a female officer sexually harassed him.

Missoula City Attorney Jim Nugent told the Missoulian the state Human Rights Bureau denied Detective Chris Shermer’s claim against Lt. Sandy Kosena. Nugent said the contact allegedly began when Shermer flipped off the lieutenant that same day.

Shermer’s lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleges Kosena grabbed him on the left buttock last April and whispered a sexual innuendo in his ear. Nugent said she was responding to being flipped off and told him she wasn’t interested in taking him up on his offer.

The lawsuit alleges Kosena acknowledged the contact, but was disciplined only lightly. Shermer argues a male officer doing the same thing would have been more harshly punished.

 Source:  AP